Monthly Archives: April 2012

(Former) Village Theater, Clark Street and North Avenue, Chicago.


On Friday a few friends and I visited the Zhou B. Art Center in Bridgeport for the opening of Chicago’s Twelve, an exhibit featuring the work of twelve artists working primarily in found materials.

Artist Connie Noyes described the process of working with materials from the dumpster behind her Pilsen studio, while Kim Guare collected jute from the tags on Trader Joe’s bags to create Harvesting the Blue Potato, seen above.

I was at Zhou B. for the first time last spring, volunteering at a fundraiser, and it was exciting to see the incredible reclaimed industrial space as an environment for this compelling and unique combination of work.

(Somewhere, a future apartment’s walls are shuddering in anticipation of the day when I will undoubtedly try, and most likely fail, to emulate one of Yva Neal’s eclectic and vibrant color-coordinated–and sometimes, in the case of the succulents above, alive–wall installations.)

Chicago’s Twelve is at the Zhou B. Art Center April 20 – June 9, 2012.  Need more persuasion?  Feast your eyes on the exhibit catalog.  For more information about the center and current and upcoming exhibits and events, visit